Mother Nature is Medicine

Mother Nature is Medicine
MOTHER NATURE IS MEDICINE. The Creator has given us everything that we need. It is all here on this Earth and in the Universe. It can be found in the Earth, in the Sky, in the Waters, in the Air. Often times, we, as humans, tend to view nature as something that is "apart" from ourselves. We talk of spending time "in nature." We, in a sense, distance ourselves. In reality, we ARE "a - part" as well. The Great Spirit put us here and blessed us and our ancestors with this beautiful earth. Embracing the Creator and the natural blessings is food & nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Nature is medicine. ~Peace and Blessings~

Monday, September 1, 2014

Nature Valley Yogurt Strawberry Bar REVIEW

I just enjoy all sorts of nature bars, granola bars, those bars advertised for hikers and runners, you name it! They are great for if you're on the go running around, in between meals, or during/after a good workout. Perfect for college students like me. So why not review some?

Nature Valley's Yogurt Strawberry Bar was sweet, chewy, and crunchy. The milky, sweet strawberry flavor was like strawberry ice cream - on the bottom. Two other bonuses: NO High Fructose Corn Syrup and NO Red #40 dye - both destructively unhealthy.

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