Mother Nature is Medicine

Mother Nature is Medicine
MOTHER NATURE IS MEDICINE. The Creator has given us everything that we need. It is all here on this Earth and in the Universe. It can be found in the Earth, in the Sky, in the Waters, in the Air. Often times, we, as humans, tend to view nature as something that is "apart" from ourselves. We talk of spending time "in nature." We, in a sense, distance ourselves. In reality, we ARE "a - part" as well. The Great Spirit put us here and blessed us and our ancestors with this beautiful earth. Embracing the Creator and the natural blessings is food & nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Nature is medicine. ~Peace and Blessings~

Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Way of Living

Living in health, eating what is healthy and good for your body and working your bones and muscles is a natural, human way of living. It does not have to be a diet, or considered as a "diet". Over a few years, I have learned a lot about nature's ways in terms of natural food and in turn, I've changed a lot of my eating practices, but I don't see it as a "diet". I'm not dieting, I'm living a better lifestyle, or at least trying my best to live better, live healthier, and I enjoy it. My food creations and produce I like to eat might seem strange to some or different or maybe to some it might seem that I'm depriving myself of certain foods, but I like the foods that I eat and yes, I still eat ice cream and cake, so no, I don't think I'm missing out on anything.  I love to try out new foods and when I travel, I plan to try out different cuisines that I have never tried before - which I think is one of the best parts of travelling. I like making foods from all over the world and making up my own little recipes. It's so much fun.

There are so many diets available and I know that some of these diets have helped people, so I guess for some it works, but there are stories of people backtracking after a diet because it's too difficult to keep up with, too difficult to follow after a time and can seem only temporary. And so that is one of the reasons why, in terms of healthy eating, I believe so much in changing habits for a better lifestyle. And lifestyle is, well, part of life, sometimes it is for your whole life. It starts with seeing nature and the world in a new perspective that, when you think about it, isn't really that new at all. One change of thought and seeing the world, nature, life, and yourself in a new perspective will lead to a change in acts, works, and ultimately life itself.

Your Fruit to Your Yogurt

Fruit-flavored yogurt does not always taste the best to me. Sometimes, for example, the “Strawberry yogurt”, tastes too artificial, which I think is a shame since yogurt contains health benefits and is one of those foods that is light, tasty, and quick to eat and/or make. Mind you, eating “quick” is not very good for your health, but yogurt is quick in the sense that you can easily grab it to eat and is great to add to a light meal, or to eat as a small, healthy meal, or snack.
I like to add my own fruit to my yogurt, including real strawberries, which, in my opinion, tastes better and fresher than the slimy-like strawberries found in some yogurt.

Chobani Plain Low-fat yogurt
Diced Pineapple
Grapes, sliced in half
Strawberries, chopped
A couple teaspoons of pineapple juice
A magical sprinkle of my favorite Cinnamon

No need to add sugar, the pineapple juice gives a nice, tart replacement.
Fresh, not too sweet, with a nice crunch.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shea Butter for My Hair

 I have been using more and more natural products for my hair and have found that they work exceptionally well, of course, why not? It is natural from Mother Nature after all. I have my own homemade mixtures of various oils and one of my favorite combinations involves African Shea Butter!

A popular and miracle-working natural substance that has been used for centuries is African Shea butter. The Shea butter comes from the nut of the African Shea tree. It contains Vitamins A and E and has natural properties that act as a sunscreen, softens skin, and protects skin from the wind. Shea butter is also used to prevent and fade stretch marks, wrinkles, and relieve arthritis pain. Natural Shea butter works wonders for hair, moisturizing the hair shaft and keeping the hairstyle in place.  I can attest to that!

The Shea Butter helps retain moisture in my hair. I think it can be effective for all hair types. It doesn't weigh my hair down and it doesn't feel like it's just sitting on my hair.

For this butter, I used 4oz. of Unrefined Pure Shea Butter. The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil was from Trader Joe’s that I bought online. And the Ultra Pure Vitamin E Oil was from Fruit of the Earth, ½ fl. oz. (15ml). And Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from the grocery store.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bigelow Mint Herbal Tea

 Why do my favorite things have to have an end? I don’t think Bigelow is making my favorite Mint Herbal tea anymore, but I was able to salvage some at a discount/closeout store. This tea really is quite delicious and soothing. It doesn’t need any sugar at all - tasty, but if you’re looking to add something to this, I would suggest honey and fresh lemon. I enjoy drinking this in Autumn and Winter time. I love giving tea as gifts and my friend really enjoyed this tea as well. If I didn’t drink it all up, I would have some now. *Sigh, hurry back to the discount store!