Mother Nature is Medicine

Mother Nature is Medicine
MOTHER NATURE IS MEDICINE. The Creator has given us everything that we need. It is all here on this Earth and in the Universe. It can be found in the Earth, in the Sky, in the Waters, in the Air. Often times, we, as humans, tend to view nature as something that is "apart" from ourselves. We talk of spending time "in nature." We, in a sense, distance ourselves. In reality, we ARE "a - part" as well. The Great Spirit put us here and blessed us and our ancestors with this beautiful earth. Embracing the Creator and the natural blessings is food & nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Nature is medicine. ~Peace and Blessings~

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cucumber Pizza

I wanted to add some more flavor to this frozen pizza and to try something different. I’ve never stir-fried cucumbers with anything, but it sounded good, even though cucumbers are not my favorite vegetable to eat.  I really liked this quick dish and will definitely be trying it again.

I fried sliced cucumbers, sliced onions, sliced green peppers, a teaspoon of minced garlic, and Italian seasoning in olive oil on medium to medium-low heat. I used just a regular, medium-sized skillet. I think keeping the skin on the cucumber helped to keep them firm and not get squishy. 

For the pizza, I just followed the directions on the packaging. Uh, I know, pizza in a box. It’s not the best, of course, but that’s all I had at the time and you know what? It didn’t taste too bad, especially when I topped it with my veggies. In fact, it tasted really good, scrumptious! Oh yes, all vegetarian too.

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