Mother Nature is Medicine

Mother Nature is Medicine
MOTHER NATURE IS MEDICINE. The Creator has given us everything that we need. It is all here on this Earth and in the Universe. It can be found in the Earth, in the Sky, in the Waters, in the Air. Often times, we, as humans, tend to view nature as something that is "apart" from ourselves. We talk of spending time "in nature." We, in a sense, distance ourselves. In reality, we ARE "a - part" as well. The Great Spirit put us here and blessed us and our ancestors with this beautiful earth. Embracing the Creator and the natural blessings is food & nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Nature is medicine. ~Peace and Blessings~

Friday, December 27, 2013

A Lucy-like Breakfast

One of my favorite youtubers, Loepsie, shared some great recipe ideas, and one of my favorites is also the simplest. For breakfast: Tea, grapefruit, and a healthy granola cereal. I've been eating this for my breakfast every time I am home and it is so refreshing, filling, and simple.

Yesterday for breakfast, I changed it up a bit and had some peppermint tea with 1 tsp. (teaspoon) of honey, about half of a pommelo rouge (red pommelo), and a healthy grain cereal.

If you're wondering what a pommelo is, well, this was my first pommelo too:

look how deep the skin is! I don't like peeling these

It looks and tastes similar to a grapefruit, only sweeter. And if you want a better flavor, leave it out of the fridge! The same goes for clementines.

Stash Peppermint tea with honey

I really liked this cereal. It has a grainy flavor with a hint of sweetness. If you're looking for a healthy cereal that's not too sweet, try this one, Barbara's Puffins Original cereal.

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