Mother Nature is Medicine

Mother Nature is Medicine
MOTHER NATURE IS MEDICINE. The Creator has given us everything that we need. It is all here on this Earth and in the Universe. It can be found in the Earth, in the Sky, in the Waters, in the Air. Often times, we, as humans, tend to view nature as something that is "apart" from ourselves. We talk of spending time "in nature." We, in a sense, distance ourselves. In reality, we ARE "a - part" as well. The Great Spirit put us here and blessed us and our ancestors with this beautiful earth. Embracing the Creator and the natural blessings is food & nourishment for the body, mind, and soul. Nature is medicine. ~Peace and Blessings~

Friday, December 27, 2013

This Christmas... The ladies of the house know how to make a Christmas feast

Joyeux Noël et Merry Christmas tout le monde!

The ladies of the house know how to cook and always make a fantastic Christmas feast!

:Potato salad, green bean casserole, deviled egg, cornbread stuffing, turkey, baked macaroni and cheese, sweet potato soufflé, cranberry sauce, kale: 

Since I've stopped eating pork (yay!), I've had to make some adjustments to my holiday feasts. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family used turkey sausage crumbles from Jimmy Dean instead of our usual Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage. The hot sausage really made the stuffing so delicious and spicy, but, of course, I don't use that anymore. The turkey crumbles was not the same, but the stuffing still tasted good. This Christmas, I added chopped green apple and cranberries. Cooked with the peppers and onions in the meat was a nice touch and oh so good!

And oh, if anyone could give me a suggestion of some really good, hot and spicy turkey sausage like Jimmy Dean's pork Hot Sausage, please let me know in a comment below. I'd appreciate it!

Now, doesn't that look golden good!

This Thanksgiving, I thought of the idea of cooking the turkey in the crock pot so we could use the oven for the other delectable dishes. The crock pot turned out a success then and again for Christmas! We don't eat a lot of turkey so we just had a turkey breast, and oh my goodness, it tasted soo good cooked in the crock pot with wine, parsley, gravy.. So, if you're rushing around Christmas, next time, plop the turkey in the crock pot overnight and wake up Christmas morning with a wonderful aroma!

We had collard greens for Thanksgiving and I made kale for Christmas.

Merry Christmas from the Apple Cider Snowman!
After Thanksgiving, I start rolling out all the Christmas bowls, cups, and mugs, and make it my mission for everyone to use only the "Christmas" decorated kitchen ware, or whatever you call it! ;)

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